1. Problem Dogg

  2. A Dogg Made Out Of... Christmas Pizza. or someting. fuck

  3. Christmas in July Dogg

  4. World Tour Dogg

  5. Sloppy Dogg

  6. A Dogg Made Out of Pizza II

  7. Scurvy Dogg

  8. A Dogg Made Out of Andy's IV

  9. A Dogg Made Out of Andys III

  10. A Dogg Made Out of Crown and Harp III

  11. Knife Hits Dogg

  12. A Dogg Made Out of Crown & Harp

  13. Trio Dogg

  14. America Dogg

  15. Dogg day sunrise

  16. One Big Dogg (Oh Yeah, oh yea)!

  17. Tony Dogg

  18. One Year Anniversary Dogg (A Dogg made of Andys part two)

  19. Problem Dogg prezentz: Get along little hotdog, by problem dogg

  20. Baby Blood Dogg

  21. A Dogg Made Out of Mudd

  22. Space Jam Dogg

  23. Superbowl Dogg

  24. You Can't Teach An Old Dogg New Tricks

  25. Lou Dogg Part Two

  26. Lou Dogg Part One

  27. A Dogg Made of Rubber III


  29. The Walking Dogg

  30. Forgetful Dogg II

  31. A Dogg Made Out of Pizza

  32. Spooky Dogg

  33. Disappointing Cowboy Dogg

  34. Orchestral Dogg

  35. Beth Dogg Barks the Hits Vol. II

  36. Trevor's Late Dogg

  37. Sleepy Dogg

  38. A Dogg Made Out of Andy's

  39. MTV Undogged

  40. Disappointing KoЯn Dogg

  41. A Dogg Made of Macaroni II: DOUBLE MAC

  42. Momm Dogg

  43. Beth Dogg Barks The Hitts

  44. Bad Dogg

  45. Progg Dogg/ Forgotten Dogg

  46. Rick's Turning 30, Dogg!

  47. Hoogie Boogie Dogg

  48. Trippin' Murder Dogg ; (longg dogg II) {butt nott ass longg ass longg dogg I}

  49. Mad Dogg

  50. Doomm Dogg

  51. A Dogg Made Out of Rubber

  52. Dogg Under Pressure and Other Treats

  53. Doggy Heaven Pt. II (The Reckoning)

  54. Booty Dogg

  55. Unlucky Dogg

  56. A Dog Made of Macaroni

  57. A Dogg Made of Metal

  58. Long Dogg: Constant Problemm

  59. Short Dogg

  60. Bitch Dogg - The Problem Of Tooths

  61. Forgetful Dogg

  62. One Dogg To Rule Them All

  63. First Dogg

  64. 7 Minutes in (Dogg) Heaven (Plus 3 Minutes) [Live]

  65. Doggma

  66. Talkin' Dogg

  67. Greatest Hitz


Problem Dogg Denton, Texas

This Dog Doesnt MEss aroun,d
We're a simple Indie Rock band from the DFW metroplex just playin our hearts out and spreadin the Dogg word. We love Seryn

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